Sunday, April 16, 2017


THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS DEPARTMENT (SI), learned of this death of Judge Abdus Saalam (Salaam)) on 4-12-17 and were shocked at the Report.

We want to first disclose that as all of our active site users and readers of our Expose Reports, SI only Reports Facts and only Facts. We have been in the Forensic Reoprting Arena for over 10 years. We have exposed and reported on many corrupt and dishonest Politicians, hacks, State Court Judges, Corrupt and cheating Lawyers,Doctors, Business Persons, and many other persons in various business areas around the USA and Worldwide.

Now that said, SI has been investigating and Reporting on a group of swindlers, courthouse racketeers, money launderers,perjurers, fixers of judges, and thus their resultant looting and embezzling tens of millions of dollars from honest adversaries as a result of their bribery, trickery, fraud upon the courts, and polluting the legal process.


It is sufficient to confirm thet the NY State Unified Courts are a cesspool of bribery, corruptiol, money laundering, perjury, and judicial larceny, racketeering and fraud.

They will excoriate a Litigant Target at every turn, and the Appellate Courts are simply an extension of this Corruption. It is jist like the Mafia. Once a Fix is in All Share in it so all play the Fiddle of Judicial Fraud trickery, Larceny and Fraud.

We have been in the business of catching Judicial Crooks for 10 years but our Founder and ben doing this for over 50 years having been trained as a Kid in Brooklyn whos Father was a Presidential Appointee and who was part of the Brooklyn Machine in the 1940's -1950's along with Tom Dewey
louis Lefkowitz; Jacob Javitz. Bill O'Dwyer, doszens of judges, John R. Crews, (Boss Twed of Brooklyn) and many more.

Then our founder was trained by J Edgar Hoover, Roy M.Cohn. Walter Winchell, Sydney Korshack, Carmine Desapio, Greg Bautzer, and then by many Federal Agencies. For over 50 plus years he has made a effort to expose and remove these violators of the Public Trust. He has aided the CID of the Dept of Treasury in Tax evasions and WE now have been Investigating and exposing these Judicial Criminals for eventual Federal Prosecution along with the Racketeers who bribe and compromise thse Courts for unjust Gains by tha frauds engaged in by these hijackers of the American Constitution.

We have extensive Files on these and many other NY State Judges, California State Judges, corrupt Lawyers, Texas, Illinois and Florida to name some. Each and every day innocent Litigants are getting "shafted" by these "BANDITS IN BLACK ROBES"

Many are not only corrupt but they are incompetent and simply Paid off crooks like Clarence Norman. John Sampson or other Fixers who simply sell judgships for a Fee to put a Idiot and or crook before the Governor to OK. USDJ John Gleeson USDC-Eastern Dist, Brooklyn NY, wrote a long expose of hoe "farsical and corrupt the Back-room selection of NY State Judges are.

Sadly, up to now no one has had the "BALLS" to Take real action to expose in the Public Doomain this chicanery. But NOW we believe this is changing with the Tencaity of our Founder and the courage of President Trump, who knows just how corrupt these State Courts are. Surely Rudy Gulliani does as well.

                                            WHAT ABOUT ABDUS SAALAM?

This Judge was a Judge sitting in NY County Supreme Court, in 2007-2012, hearing all Medical Malpractice Cases being litigated in NY County. You should all know that Medicare holds a Statutory Lien on any and all Recoveries in Litigations until they gert paid for advancing payments for the Plaintiff. Thus, all Judges MUST be shure that the Lawyers File the correct Lien Forms to Medicare or Medicaid so that the Lien is Recorded. As a Matter of Course, Salaam failed to do so and as such Millions were lost by Medicate bty Attorney Frauds and Judicial negligence.

Now, we became interested in Salkaam and her Court activities in 2008, when our Founder was about to receive a Settlement of $230,000.00 from a misdiagnosis of what turned out to be Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer. THe Settlement was made and Salaam was to simply "OK" the terms. This sadly was not in the cards.

Kenneth Gomez Esq, a front for this Racketeering Enterprise ahd secured a bogus Judgment against our Founder from Helmsley Enterprises who were exposed with Leona Helmsely for operating a Gambeling Casino called "COTERIE CLUB" at the Helmsely Carlton House in NYC. This was uncovered by our Founder and he caused the CID of the IRS to stake out the place and uncover this illegal enterprise , so these Helmsley crooks somehow concocted a Judhgment in 1991 and by 2008 when this Settlement was to be approved was worth if genuine over $200,000.00. This Gomez bought for $6,000.00.

Saalam heard a Motion made by Gomez demanding the $230,000.00. This was op[posed by Proofs that thie Judgment was a sham, a ubnjust enrichment, a fraud upon the Court, circumventing Medicare Liens of a Fortune, and 2 Secured Creditors with UCC's Filed in NY State against this Recovery.

Saalam listened to these Arguements , reviewed the Proofs of Liens, Proofs of unjust enriochment (ie: $5,000 to $230,000 in 3 weeks) and Medicare's Rights to its statutory Lien illegally Circumvented,

In 3 weeks, although Saalam Knew that Gomez was a Front for a Organized Racketeering Enterprise headed by George Pavia Salaam gave the money (lock stock & Barrel to Gomez).

We porsued our leads and learned thjat Judge Joan Madden a P{avia stooge and a Bribed Judge and Salaam were pals and Madden had it in for our Founder who exposed her a s a Judicial criook and who Looted Rent Stabilized Tenants so Pavia and his wife could Steal over $22Million for a Brownstone that Tenants all had a piece of.

Then our Founder uncovered a Pavia Tax scam that was Reported and the IRS closed in and Pavia and his wife Antoinia confessed.

Meanwhile Salaam Issued Decisions and Ordere that were Violative of any Logic or Judicial ethiocs. The depriving a Hearing, lootion Secured Creditors, cheating Medicatre and unjustly enriching a known Crook, is not only ludicrous but criminal. This was a $230,000.00 Stick up.

Now you ask, "Why not Apppeal?".

Well withi 4 n=monthe Salaam, as a reward for this judicila aid in a massive embezzelment was elevated to the Appellate Diovision 1st Department. These State Courts as we have said are just like Organized Crime with Black Robes on to hide theit "Bolis of corruption".

The Result you have no place to go except Federal Court for eventual Relief. These Corrks in Black Robes know this so they wear you down by their extortion and bad Decisions that can ruin you, your credit, hoime, family, business and even your liberty and life.

Take a look at the SUNNY SHUE CASE. GThis \Asin man was cheated and Looted Nassau County Unified Court Supreme Court Judge Joseph Gollia. This Judge simply stole thios mans home and gave it to a Mortage Company who via a Proven Identity Theft, the Crooks stole the Mortage proceeds but Golia still looted Sheu and stoile his Home.

Sheu then (a Auditor) found that Golia had Filed phomny Judicial Financial Reports an

d Reported Golia.Golia ws Caught and was forced to pay Fines etc.

After Sheu was targeted by Golia, threatened and harassed ans stalked. Sheu rteported Golia to the PD and FBI and made a YouTube Video. I the Video, which you can see for yourselves on YouTube Sheu states that if anythig happens to him it is "JUDGE GOLLIA'S PEOPLE".

3 weeks later Sunny sheu was dead, Bludgoned to death. This Murder still not solved although many have demanded Justice to th HY PD and to the US ATTY SDNY..

Now as to Salaam, our Founder has erxposed the Salaam obvious dishonesty to law enforcement in the context of the Racketeers who bribe these State Judges. He recentkly exposed this to tyhe Appellate Division 1st Dept, in Pending Appeals involving Racketeer John Siebert who is a disgraced doctor having been convicted of sexual rapes of patients, dispensing narcotics, an accused pedpphile and after his confessions DSiebert wes Terminated as a NY State Doctor.

Siebert has ben caught evading Millions in Taxes, caught bribeing Judhes and engaging in rampant perjury and fraud.

Siebert was also Caught by our founder sending emails to Burke seeking a "Hit-Man" . A National Restraining Order was obtained.

Here we have Salaam dead in the River no Ccash, no Phone and no Note to her new Husband. and wearing Jogging clothes.

Based upon our knowledge of the real facts and the rummbelings of a Expose as our Founder has uncvered a Hotnets Nest of MultiMillions being Laundered out of a supposed Courthouse, Saalam either did not wast to Face this exposure as she was further Elevated from the 1st Dept. to the Court of Appeals as a supposed Fine, Honest Judge. But we can not accept a "book by its cover" . Sadly we have exposed many Crooks who look like "simple-simon".

The other possibility was a racketeer feeling that Salaam my "RAT" or a corrupt ally could have arranged a HIT.  A friend calls Saalam, invites her for Coffee. She feels a little low, and wants to talk to a friend and agrees to go, she gets pocked up by car so she figures she will only be out for an hour so she brings a Master Card and no I phone. She gets in the car and someone hiding in the back, with Cloriform on a cheesecloth drugs Salaam in 5 seconds. She is out no bruse, scars Nothing. and she is Dumped in the Hudson River.

By the time she would wake up she id DEAD.

We know that Pavia is mob connected, and he has been in the money Laundering and offshore thefts of millions for over 60 yeats. The Rogers Estate is suing him and Pavia Harcourt now for over #30Million in embezzling tax evasion & miney Launedering.

Our Founder is suing these Racketeers for RICO, bribery, tax evasion larceny, bribery of California Judges as well. The walls are closing in on all of these criminals and all the Judges that they have Polluted and Bribed in NY Courts.

Judge Salaam could have been the weak Link. Also many have carloads of proofs of the cottupt acts of Jonithan Lipman as well, so it is not what you are it is what you are percieved to be.

So we are attaching two Exposes Published by Scams inc in 2009 and 2012 regarding the Full and verified detal\ls of Salaam, Madden, pavia, gomez, Siebert and Burke and Helmsley for all to read.

The Press will give you the whitewashed false pretext, The NY Law Journal is afraid to reveal the Corruption in Ny State Courts but we are not and we expect the President is also anxious to help America recapture its Dignity in the Courthouse.

In God we Trust but God helps those who Expose and Remove Cancer anywhere especially involving Public Trust. and these Stahe Courts are a plie of Garbage run by a bunch of slime balls who will cheat anyone for a dishonest buck.

They live like Kings on a Porters Net wage. Where is the difference coming from?



Sunday, March 19, 2017


THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS, have been following the outlandish and fraudulent claims made by Dr. John Siebert regarding his Medical Malpractice and false claims regarding contra-indicated and "Butcher" surgeries performed on children afflicted with Parry Rhomberg Syndrome (PRS).

Siebert, a phony, thief and convicted sex pervert and confessed "MORALLY UNFIT" Doctor when he was Barred from Practice by NY State, concocted a Scam, to lure in desperate parents whos kids were afflicted with PRS.

Siebert, in violation of the World's Medical Professors, came up with his Scheme only to extort large medical fees and allow a corrupt Hospital, (UW HOSPITAL IN WISCONSIN AND ITS CORRUPT PRESIDENT RON SLWINSKI, A CRIMINAL ALLY OF SIEBERT'S), to benefit from big bucks for the charges of the Hospital Rooms, the OR, and all other charges, in order for charlatan Siebert to perform his Butcher Surgeries.

Siebert is a good con-man and a Gilb talker, just lik akk con-men usually are. Siebert thus gave false hopes to many gullible and desperate parents who went out and begged for Money to pay Siebert and Hospitalls for Surgery that accomplished only to provide "pain and Suffering" of the Kids under Siebert_Butcher's Scalpel, and to unjustly enrich Siebert and the Hospital for Surgeries that they knew were simply BOGUS.

In Fact Siebert conned many into Not One but 3, 4, and 5 subsequent Surgeries on the Scam that they wer necessary to reiforce the prior Operations. Total Lies and these Parents were simply conned into Begging for yet more Cash for this Siebert Thief.

Siebert has really Conned the Gibbs Family and for about 9 years of fraud and deception.

Hank Gibbs became Siebert's Victim of about 6 surgeries and his Face has continued to Spiral downward as if he did zero. In Fact the Siebert Scam is like trying to get "OIL & WATER" to MIX. It can not and never will happen.

So poor Hank and his mother Terri have bee Scammed, Financially, Emotionally and Victims of Medical Malpractice, thanks to Siebert's Frauds and phony claims and False Hopes.

You see, Siebert is a Sociopath and a very mentally deranged Narcissist. He is also a proven Perjurer, a convicted Sex Pervert, a Thief, a Tax Cheat and Convicted of Scamming the Federal and State Tax Departments for Millions in Concert with his Corrupt Lawyers Abrams Deemer PLLC, Joseph M. Burke Esq, Kenneth V Gomez Esq, Russo Burke and his Mafia ally George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt Esqs.

Siebert has been caught in a Money Laundering Scam, Off-Shore Banking, Using hiis Daughter Ashley as a Money Launderer while employed by Silver Point Capital we have been advised.

Siebert has used his wife as a Front bur this Woman Kimberly Siebert has not yet found out that Sicko Dr John, a Accused Pedophile & who was Investigated as such by "CHILDRENS & FAMILIES" has beeNn hired and used as a MALE PROSTITUTE FOR BILLIONAIRE-WIDOW DIANE HENDRICKS,  whose husband died in a supposed accident.

Siebert being a sex pervert and convicted and confessed as such, is a fine Male Prostitute for Hendricks, who recently hired Siebert as a "RESEARCHER" for her husbands Company when Siebert is about as much a researcher as he is a 'AIRLINE PILOT".

Hendricks is apparently a desperate woman who Siebert we hear Gave her a "FACE-LIFT" and with that what Siebert gave other Victims such as Muriel Karass, Linda m, Ms Rachel, Diand Kleeman and others. (Scce Scams Inc, Scamraiders and all associated Sites and SCRIBD, for these Proofs and these Victims Affidavits), and Siebert's Stalking & Extortion by Gomez, Burke and Siebert.

Hendricks must be really Desperate to become involved with Siebert & his Gang of extortonists, but they say:



Sunday, March 5, 2017


THE SCAMS INC GROUP has spent a great amount of time and resources carefully peeling away the "shell-games", unholy alliances, debased judicial plundering of clueless litigant's rights, and outright fraud upon the court.

The first problem is that the Court has really only two judges on a permanent basis. David Chapman and Judge David Lattig. The one or two others that are in that courthouse from time-to-time are a "roving" few, that hear a few matters and move to other venues in California.

The Cases of any size and substance are cherry-picked by Chapman and Latting, depending on who the litigants are and who represents them. You see this ie where these Judges can accomplish the most "good' for themselves and their "Round-Robin" of Desert-Lawyer-Boys" who pull the strings in the small Cochella Valley, AKA Volkenvania.

We have assembled a great amount of evidence of the chicanery, judicial monkey-shines, violations of California Canons of Judicial Ethics, suborning perjury, collusion with the Commission on Judicial Performance, tampering with Court Records, denial of Due Process, obstructing of justice, dishonesty and collusion to aid in embezzling of litigants rights, claim and property.

Chapman has engaged in threats towards litigants, interfered into the property rights, health, family of litigants. He has engaged in documented collusion with Shaun Murphy Esq of the Firm of Slovak Baron & Empy, in a plot to extort a victim's of Murphy and a corrupt Client who has been a Z"sponsor" of Chapman.

We have evidence of Chapman engaging in ex-parte collusion with Lawyer David Richardson and Chapman's issuing Rulings that violate the CCP of California, Facts, The US and California Constitutions and that were in violation of Evidence.

Chapman has engaged in bullying and cheating litigant's access to the courts byfalsifying facts, misuse of Statutes and lying. Chapman has refused to follow the California and Federal Constitutional Laws that MANDATE Disqualification of a Judge who displays even a modest Bias towards a Litigant. Chapman rather chose to violate the Constitution and the California Mandates so that he can continue to harass, extort and cheat a litigant for Chapman's personal spite, greed, mental disorders and Judicial fraud.

Chapman has done these acts of pillage and unethical robbery of litigant's property, rights, ligerty,  and money on many occations to favor Slovak Firm, The Harnik-Gilstrap Firm of Roemer-Harnik, where Dick Roemer is turning i his Grave as a result of "BROOKLYN-BOY" Harnick's Collusion and cheating. Harnick admitted to a Informant that he had Latting and Chapman "IN HIS POCKET'

Latting was a employee of Roemer Harnik before he was made a Superior Court Judge. We have a number of Litigants who have clear evidence of Judicial tainted, perverted, and diabolic misconduct using the Public Trust and manipulation of the Laws to smother litigants rights and loot their money and claims as a result of obvious "back-Room" Judicial racketeering in concert with corrupt lawyers who fues this Third-World Courthouse corruption.

The Ringleaders of this larceny, and we have assembled evidence, Rulings, admissions, Litigant's testimony, survelance, standard of living records, chicanery with former court-stenographer Terry Dickneider and her Bank Records and Chapman;s Desperate cover-up.

Let us not forget the corrup law firm of Sulemeyer-Kupitz in los Angeles, Ca, and theit trail of Fixes for years and their interaction with Judge Chapman, withminion perjurer and fraudster lawyer David Richardson Howard Eherenberg and the Aid of Gilstrap and Harnick as well to stter Chapman like the ';Donkey and the Carrot" so Champan woulke follow the money into his pocket from another group of now well proven racketeers. Chapman's antics with Richardson reveals clear looting of the law, obsrtucting justice and stifeling Due Process, while covering up that his Court Reporter was unlicensed as Terry Dickneider's License had EXPIRED. Yet Chapman orchestrated a massive scheme to defraud the Courts, arrange forged Records rather than causing Dickneider to simply produce a original Canceled Check and her Bank Statement.

Why? because Chapman is a phony, a Fraud and a cheat as he knew that Dickneider without a valid License was not permitted to generate Transcripts of Hearings and could not work in Californai as a Court Reporter. So Chapman chose the Fraud avenue. But we have evidence that Dickneidre was without al license and Chapman is center stage in a Racketeering Scheme including Mail and Wire Fraud, Suborning Perjury, collusion Bribery and violations ofUS Federal Codes and Statutes including  18 USC 1964, 1964, 1341, 1343 and variovs California Penal Codes as well

Then we have evidence of Chapman 's involvment with Victoria B. Henley, the about 25 year supposed "Director" of the Commission on Judicial Performance, the joke of the Nation. Henley is a confirmed liar, cheat and yet slick enough to misuse the Courts to avoid full exposure of the CJP Finances, her Finances, the CJP improvident "WHITEWASHING" of proven Corrupt California Judges, all for a Menu of Bribe-prices for "Dyke" Henle.

We have assembled evidence that when the time comes Ms Henley will have to answer to before a FederalmTask-Force that will be Investigating Nationwide State Judicial Corruption, Attorneys who Bribe, Fix, Ghostwrite, Extort, Stalk, Harass, Threaten and worse their Adversaries and with the aid of these pathetic, malliable and warped judges whow bend the rules of law into a corkscrew to aid thes corrupt lawyers . All done for a"Piece of the action, in a "COURTROOM STICK-UP"

We have other Desert, Riverside and LA Law Offices who have Desert Judges on their "payroll" , some in the Med-Mal Field who by using the unethical antics of Chapman have made a fortune and Chapman has gotten his "pound-of-blood" in "brown-paper-bag".

We also know how in the 21st Century, these Fixere make 'pay-Offs" and it ios not like the 'old-Dayd". We know all the Tricks, off-shore Money Laundering, Banking Fraud, Gold, Diamonds, and other and more novel methods of Bribery and tax evasions.

Standarde of Living, expense use Visa, Amex, Dscover, Masrer-card and other in House Accounts added up belonging to Judges, their wives, sttoges and other family members, Mottagage payments, ecf will tell the story.

Chapman and Henley and others are noy under a microscope and  have been for a long while. The evidence reveals and uncovered will be grave fodder against the Target tax-payers for tax evasion and material understating of their income. The source of funds, well we will leave THAT TO ANOTHER EXPOSE.


Monday, February 20, 2017


THE SCAMS INC GROUP INVESTIGATIONS DEPARTMENT have been investigating and reporting on JOHN SIEBERTMD for a number of years. We have also been Investigating Siebert's co-conspirators in connection with his embezzling, larceny, tax evasion, fraud upon the Courts, RICO, mob affiliations and  extortion in concert with George Pavia Esq, Kenneth V Gomez Esq, Joseph M Burke Esq, Brian Pecker CPA, Russo Burke, Abrams Deemer and others.

Siebert started out in the Midwest and married his school lover Kimberly. They had 2 Kids, Ashley and Christopher. Siebert was caught by his MD father engaging sexual perverted acts early on and things got worse. John learned how to lie, con, cheat and swindle while fleecing many patient victims.

We have evidence of Siebert's swindling over $2Million from Ms C. Zimmerman, and with that he "upgraded" to NYC buying the Practice of a prominent Surgeon V. Michael Hogan. Soon after Siebert began to con and swindle Ben Ossman for about $3Million in "Loans". He swindled Richard Jacobs for $600,000.00, looted and embezzled millions from Kindervest Planning Corp, Jim Couri, Chase Bank, Fleet Bank, Bank Audi, US Trust Bank and then he double-pledged his Hogan-Office Co-Op on Park Ave resulting in his eviction.

Siebert apparently escilated  his sexual abuses of hie NY Patients. He sexually, financially and emotionally "Raped" Diane Kleiman, Linda m, Ms Rachel, Barbara Pollucci, Muriel Karass, and many others. Many have submitted Affidavits swearing to Siebert's attacks on them, his narcotics abuses, sexual devaint acts, his butchering of these women and his extorting and threatening them when they we going to Testify against Siebert at NYU Hospital Hearings and at NY State Department of Health Charges filed against Siebert.

Siebert was Convicted, confessed and removed and Fired by all Medical Institutions in NY State, as Suspended by NY State as well.

Siebert has been caught in various major Tax Evasion Schemes and has been coauht extorting and threatening Murder by email and is subject to a Nationwie Restraining Order against him and alkl in concert with him.

Siebert has been affiliared with a group of corrupt lawyers who we have evidence of their larceny, perjury, stalking, money laundering, tax evasion courthouse scams and swindles and other criminal acts. Burke, Gomez, and Pavia have all been involved in a Racketeering Enterprise for many years.

Pavia and his Firm Pavia Harcourt have been a front for criminality, money laundering and tax evasion for years.

Pavia and his wife recently were caught in a multimillion dollar tax scam and confessed. Pavia has been recently sued by the Rogers Estate by Pryor Cashman fot embezzling, tax evasion, conversion, offshore secret accounts, forgery and larceny (NY Supreme Case # 652006-16).

Siebert has been charged with engaging in extortion, perjury, money laundering and tax evasion. Siebert has targeted many with Burke and Gomez to set them up and cheat these Victims. They are now conning Diand Hedricks a Billionare Widow from Wisconson.

Siebert has lied and cheated his wife Kimberly. We have Affidavits of Siebert admitting that Kinberly in mentally deranged, he wants out and he cant because she knows too-much.

John Siebert as also conned, bamboozled and used his daughter Ashley for his illicit purposes. At KKR Ashley in NYC refused to allow Siebert's victims to prove that her father is a thief ad a sex deviant. John Siebert has been accused as a Pedophile, charges were brought against him to the NY DA and to the Conn. Childrens and Families. Siebert and Burke lied, cheated and falsified Records they submitted to Courts and to the Childrens & Families Agency.

Siebert has engaged ig allowing Gomez a pimp-lawyer to estort Ms Rachel, Stalk her and threaten her.

Siebert is also allied with a UBS Career Gambler Phil Zuccaire, who has been involved in cheating gamblers for over 50 years with Bobby Riggs, Armand Serami and others and using his illicit gains, by Offshore accounts.

UBS has been caught in Offshore scams and Zuccaire has been caught evading taxes.

We all know how Hedge Funds function. Most are Honest and some have been caught in various scams. Some have been targeted and ruined when they did nothing wrong such as David Ganek and his "Level Global", now the subject of a litigation against Preet Bharara US ATTY SDNY, brought by Barry Schect Esq. Yet Level Global was closed down by the bad publicity etc.

Here with the Siebert Crew of confirmed convictions, Tax evasion, civil RICO Charges brought agains thenm where Pavia and his wife have Defaulted for over $40Million. Where Siebert has been convicted as a Sex-pervert, a tax evader, a proven Perkurer and Courthouse cheat, a Money Launderer, looting Millions from Others, usinf racketeering methods to silence persons and bamboozling his family and malliable daughter ASHKEY SIEBERT OLSEN, who is now in a sensitive position at SILVER POINT CAPITAL, we ath the Scams Inc Group Investigations have more than 'Reasonable Inferences" to deduct that Jonn Siebert, Gomez, Burke and Pavia can and would  "compromise" Ms Olsen, as she wants desperately to "believe-in" her father John Siebert who is a demented sociopath criminal and who has no conscience.

If any reader wants to see what Siebert Victims have Sworn-To about his Larceny, sex abuses, cheating, lies and extortion, PLEASE go to SCRIBD and download Affs from Diane Kleiman, a lawyer, Ms Rachel, Linda M, Muriel Karass and others or simply search SCAMSINC.COM for these Documents and other proof of Siebert's criminal activities.

We are certain that Ashley Siebert Olsen could not have disclosed to SILVER POINT CAPITAL the background and activities of her Father John and her Mother Kimberly who also has been found to be a Tax Evader as well, BEFORE Ashley was hired.

The Scams Inc Group only presents Facts and we believe that Siebert and his "cohorts" are using Silver-Point to secrete looted and embezzled funds by Siebert, Pavia, Burke, Gomez and other of their RICO Enterprises.

John Siebert has no morals, no integrity and is a self-indulgent mentally deranged pervert. Siebert has been evicted from 5 medical offices in NYC for sexually abusing patients. He has been FIRED by NYU Langone Hospital, Lenox Hill, Manhattan Eye & Ear Hospital, NY Infirmary. Siebert was put on the Street by Dr Glen Jelks and Brown Haras Stevens fror being a undesirable at 875 Park Avenue, NYC and the same with Dr Dan Baker, and Dr Cheril Aston who threw Siebert out for molesting another Doctor in Aston's Office Suiote on Park Ave as well.

The Scams Inc Group Investigations believer that the SEC should be informed about the Nexus between and among Silver Point Capital and Ashley Siebert Olsen on the one hand and Ashley's dishonest, corrupt father and his RICO actors all with ha trail of fraud upon the courts, Mail and Wire Fraud violations of 18 USC 1962, 1964, 1341, 1343, various Penal Coded including Perjury in the 1st Degree, Grand Larceny in the 1st Degree, Money Laundering, Bribery, Obstruction of Justice etc.

The Proofs are clear and convincing as to the John Siebert cheating, lying, embezzling, extortion and threats of murder (resulting in a Court-Ordered Restraining Order until 2019).

It seem that Silver-Point Capital have also been "taken-in" and Bamboozled" by these hijackers of justice, the laws and million in looted and stolen moneys.

Sunday, February 5, 2017


Joseph M Burke Esq, has been exposed as a corrupt cheating lawyer who has been engaged in extortion, money laundering, embezzling, racketeering and courthouse fraud for many years.

Burke formed a unholy alliance with convicted sex deviant and suspended doctor John Siebert who has been charged with and convicted for molesting many patients, feeding them with narcotics, stealing from Medicare and Medicaid and other perverted acts. Siebert also was engaged in looting and embezzeling millions fom companis and persons while lying, cheating, and engaging in perjury and fraud upon the Courts along with Burke and Burke's various law office associations.

Burke and Siebert were caught engaging in forgery, perjury, larceny and various forms of corruption, in and outside the Courts. Burke was active in advising Siebert in a major Tax Evasion Scam where they were caught by the IRS and Charged with Evasio.Burke was caught forging Documents, money laundering, representing Siebert at NYU Hospital where Siebert was convicted of sexually Molesting Patients and Fired. Burke then engaged in perjury, lying to the Courts and stating Siebert was a fine "family man" when all the while Burke knew Siebert was a Convicted Sex Pervert and a confessed Pedophile as well.

Soo after Burke waqs fired from his Firm RUSSO BURKE, and kicked out of Russo's Office at 600 Third Ave, NYC. Then Burke went with Matthew Abrams and David Deemer in a new Firm ABRAMS DEEMER in 230 Park Ave NYC in a SUB< SUB< SUB< SUB leased room 660 with Burke stooge Mule Kenneth V Gomez Esq. They began extorting adversaries along with tax cheat and mob front George Pavia and Pavia Harcourt Esqs. The Pavia's were caught in another Tax swindle involving millions as well. As the walls began closing in on these crooks and their thefts of over $80 Million or more, Burke Siebert, Pavia & Gomez became more desperate. They were on the Feds Radar, they were all under Investigation and their Larceny, fraud and perjury were being exposed in NY and in California. Siebert was caught in other acts of fraud, larceny and racketeering with Burke Gomez and Pavia,

Burke and Siebert were conspiring in emails on the internet to hire a Hit-Man-Bounty-Hunter to "Take-Out" a sdversary who Siebert owes over $40 Million and Pavia owes more to. They were caught, and the emails were captured.

Charges were filed with law enforcement, and permanent Restraining Orders were granted in favor of the Person who they were plotting to "take-out" . The Restraining Order is against Siebert-Burke and all in concert with them and they are at it again.

Bukke has been removed from Abrams Deemer and The Scams In Group has been advised that Burke is supposedly "Retired" and We have been advised by a Abrams Deemer employee that Burke is no longer at the Abrams Deemer Office. It is clear that they also want to femove themselves from Burke and Siebert and their orchestrated crimes and threats and extortion.

We have also learned that Burke, Siebert and Gomez have engaged in stalking, extorting and threatening Muriel Karass, Ms Rachel, Linda M, Ms C. Zimmerman and others who Siebert has molested , cheated, and looted. In fact Siebert stole over $2Million from MS Zimmerman and threatened her if she tried to sue him, and tell her husband about the "sexcapades" Siebert engaged in with her.

Now The  Scams inc Group has recently learned that Siebert who has bee run out of NY State as a UNFIT DOCTOR, has been pursuing Widow Billionaire Diane Hendricks, lying to her that he is a researcher and with Burke and Gomez conning Hendricks not telling her that Siebert has been convicted as a Sex pervert and kicked out of all NY Hospitals and NY State as a Sex Pervert and a Morally Unfit Doctor. Burke is a cheat and a desperate man as is this entire group of racketeers.

Pavia is a mob front and also Desperate so they are now scheming to try and put a "HIT" on the persons who are on to their criminal enterprise and who they are being closed in on. They are so desperate they do not realize that the Feds and their supposed Targets are also on to them. They should realize that Jail is better than "the Gallows" and they should realize that they are all Finished, Disgraced and will soon be Disgorging every cent that they have stolen embezzled and "Laundered"

They have violated the Restraning Order and Burke and Siebert  are being watched 24-7 as are their phones, emails and movements. Siebert is at UW Hospital in Wisconsin and his Stolen Money is held by FREEDOM WIRELESS HOLDINGS, UBS SECURITIES AND IN VARIONS OFFSHOTE SHELL CORPORATIONS UNDER THE AEGIS OF BURKE, GEORGE PAVIA, PAVIA HARCOURT AND BOMEZ, THE MULE.


Saturday, January 21, 2017


THE SCAMS INC GROUP has been carefully investigating the depraved  conduct of this bully and incompetent judge.

Chapman has displayed a marked pattern of hijacking due process, obstructing justice, suborning perjury, forgery and tampering with Court Records, causing Clerks of the Court to disobey the laws of California and of the Federal Government.

Chapman knew or should have known that his Court Stenographer Terri Dickneider's Court Reporter's License #5031 had expired on 2-29-16. We had evidence of this lapse from 3 Independent Reporting Services who are by contract, attached to the DCA Computer System.

When this was exposed and the Fraud Upon the Court where all of Dickneider's Transcripts were false as she was not a licensed court reporter and thus not permitted by law to function in that capacity, Chapman again exhibited his dilusional megalomania.

Dickneider refused to produce her supposed cancelled check revealing the supposed date of renewal and Chapman, to try and insulate his lack of regard for Honor, the Law and what is Right, chose to lie, cheat and defraud.

The ultimate "Records" the DCA did produce, along with "pages of disclaimers" revealed forged and polluted documents, including "hand entries on a computer Renewal Form, Forged dates and a phony-doctored Dickneider check.

Meanwhile Dickneider, in possession of her "Original Cancelled Check" refuses to produce it.

Only a moron can assume that the fact that a Licensed Court Reporter, refusing to simply evidence the actual Record that will either prove INTENTIONAL FRAUD AND OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE or A "FALSE-ALARM", is more that suspect.

In fact it PROVES that the whole exercise to try and protect a corrupt Judge is and continues to be a Fraud Upon the Court, Mail and Wire Fraud, and a further exhibit that Judge Chapman surely suffers from a abnormal mental state characterized by delusions of grandeur.

SAince The Scams Inc Group are not psychiatrists, we have spoken at length with representatives of the American Psychiatric  Association about Chapman's conduct, dilusions that his crimes will go unnoticed, and that he has displayed a repeated lack of empathy for anything and displays dilusions of being superior to others.

These and other activities perpetrated by Chapman, a man of limited background, intelligence and one who attended a pseudo "mail-order" unaccredited law school, is literally amazing.

Before David Chapman was appointed a Judge, he worked in Indeo California "chasing ambulances" getting cases from persons who suffered injuries in accidents. His background and education precluded him from employment with any major law office, and his incompetence and lack of knowledge  regarding the California Laws, the California Canons of Judicial Ethics, his laclk of knowledge of trhe mandates of the California Constitution, the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rights of litigants, Laws of America, etc, confirms that Chapman is a incompetent and a megalomaniac a socipoath and a egotistic fraud who has no right sitting in judgment of others dispensing "Chapman-Convoluted" Laws.

We have proof of Chapman rendering Rulings that are in direct violation to the Evidence, his condoning Perjury, accepting Hearsay  over Hard Evidence, misuse of the Law to extort and malign Litigants, making self serving groundless Remarks and Findings to further his favored Litigant's fraud, racketeering and looting.

Sadly, and the evidence establishes that Chapman is a Judicial Cheat, a violator of the California Judicial Canons of Ethics, a abuser of the Public Trust, a person of delusional and phony inflated knowledge, identity and power within his 30 foot by 40 foot "PS-2" courtroom, in the Palm Springs Branch of the Riverside Superior Court .

Stated otherwise, Chapman is a danger and a menace to the Rules of Justice, Honor and Decorum. He has issued Rulings in Cases that are not only Bias, but Baseless, askew to the Evidence and Facts: has Issued Decisions to serve his own self interest; he has used his Judicial Appointment to defraud and for his own unjust causes.

We have learned of Chapman's Collusion to cause extortion, stalking, trespass, harassment, intentional infliction of harm, and other criminal acts engaged in and or Ordered by Lawyer Shaun Murphy and others ar Slovak Baron Empy Law Office.

The Scams Inc Group has also uncovered major Ponzi Schemes involving rampant violations of 18 US Codes Rico, 1962, 1964, et-seq. This involves Wells Marvin, Old Town Laquinta Silverock Development, The City of La Quinta and its Mayor, City Council, Robert Green Group and The Desert Sun Paper. These Frauds, looting, breaches of Fiduciary Duties Money Laundering, Offshore secretion of embezzled funds and much more, are involving Chapmans "sponsors" and surely a motive to obstruct justice.

We have evidence of collusion with Bag-man Shaun Murphy a Thug lying cheating lawyer who has made a career out of Extorting Victim wealthy men by using WHORES to claim the contracted HERPES from these men via sexual TRYSTS.

 Then Murphy, bl suborning and engaging fraud upon the Court shales-down these men for a Score by acts of Corruption fraud perjury and Bribery.

In a Nut-Shell the Chapman chicanery and what Psychiatric sources advise are a threat to any Honest Litigant who appears before  this "Egomaniac-Chapman", must be stopped.

Chapman has recently violated the Laws and Rules by engaging in his Dillusional  manipulation and phony superiority by harassing and extorting a 78 year old man and Stage 4 Cancer Victim who presented to Chapman many Doctor Affirmations revealing that this man can not travel and is having surgery and will'Appear" by Court-call.

Undaunted, this supposed Judge of Honor, in a scheme to harass and extort this man, Chapman ignored the Declarations and Medical evidence, Demanded that this Ill Man and against Medical Orders Show up IN PERSON, to the Chapman Courtroom for a Charade Chapman called Hearing.

Making matters mor evident of Chapman's depraved and wanton megalomania, when ths honorable man was on court call, Chapman Demanded Court-call to BLOCK the man's ability to speak.

Then Chapman went into a fraudulent diatribe of self-serving lies and deceptions, confirmed his own incompetence and clear and convincing Deprivation of Due Process and Obstruction of Justice. Chapman, on this mans Motion 6 Months earlier demanding Chapman Disqualify himself whih is mandated by the Due Process Clause of the US Constitution and by the California CCP and its Constitution, yet Chapman has ignored the Law to engage in his own exhibition of Fraud Upon the Court, judicial chicanery and dishonesty, Elder Abuse, Judicial Extortion and a scheme to deprive this 78 Year old man the Benefit of a Judgment for over $40million that he secured as a result of a default.

Chapman has no honesty, integrity, no regard for the law, and operates as if he were a Judge in a "Banana Republic" or worse.

Accordingly, Chapman is a warped, delusional self interested egomaniac, with no regard for the Rights of others. He exhibits sociopathiac tendencies, is a liar and  who will do and say anything to advance his own impotent self interests at the expense of anyone who he thinks is impeding his skulduggery.

The Scams Inc Group and others are now on to Chapman,  Shaun Murphy, Wells Marvin, Silver Rock and other over $500Million Frauds and their warped world of devious, pillagers of public funds,  RICO, tax evasion, other laws and the citizens of California, and we plan to do our share to bring these unethical violators of the Public Trust to justice and seek disgorgement for all the funds embezzled.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


THE SCAMS INC GROUP has developed and confirmed a extensive dossier regarding Kenneth V Gomez Esq, and his co-racketeers, Joseph M Burke Esq, George Pavia Esq, John Siebert and many others who have made a "cottage-industry" and criminal enterprises by misuse of the NT State and California Courts, extortion, larceny, bribery, off-shore secretion of millions, tax evasion, money laundering, perjury,  forgery, fraud upon the courts, stalking and worse.

Gomez and Pavia have looted and cheated many, in concert with Pavia Harcourt and the Pavia Family. George has been allied with Organized Crime for over 50 years and has engaged in tax evasion and larceny aided by Gomez and Burke.

Gomez has been caught engaging in his Extortion Blogs and recently been exposed as a fraud, liar and cheat, in Federal Court NY, where Kenneth Gomez and his brother Robert have attempted to embezzle over $300.000.00 willed from a Life Insurance Policy to minors and relatives of the "Gomez Boys".

Ken Gomez has engaged in similar Courthouse thefts, perjury and larceny in the past and has been exposed. Here again the Gomez Boys have been exposd in their Federal Court Robbery by USDJ Mae D'Agostino, who, by the Court Record, was on to Ken Gomez almost immediately.

Kenneth Gomez is a perjurer, a cheat and a sociopath who will do anything for a "Buck".

Now Kenneth V Gomez has gone the extra mile to perpetuate his extortion and abuses for himself, Pavia, Burke and Siebert.Gomez has now set-up various emails and Blog Sites using fictional and forged names, in order to extort persons who are on to Gomez and his Criminal Enterprise.

The Scams Inc Group Investigations Department have learned from Informants that Kenneth Gomez has set up these phony emails and Blogs and "opened Accounts" with Scribd, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest and other Reporting Internet Service Entities and have used these forged emails etc, to launch more forged and fake attempts to "character assassinate" the adversaries of the Pavia-Gomez Siebert Racketeering Enterprises. Gomez has engaged in extortion, stalking, harassment, as a "Bag-Man" for Siebert and Pavias and has now used these fake names to engage in Wire Fraud.

Kenneth Gomez Joseph Burke and their law group Abrams Deemer are now much more desperate having been exposed and reported as a part of a courthouse criminal enterprise using the courts tosteal, loot embezzle and extort their victims. They have been cited for Perjury in the First Degree; Larceny in the First Degree, Mail and Wire Fraud and RICO.

The Gomez Boys are desperate as they may be referred as Perjurers and Robbers via a honest Federal Court .

Siebert is a trapped Rat and sex pervert, Pavia is being sued for over $30Million for Larceny. Pavia and his wife Antonia have RICO judgment against them for $40 Million in California, and looming charges for many Federal Crimes for violations ot Title 18 of the US Codes.

Bag-Man Gomez now is worse than a "Rabid-Dog" as are Burke and Siebert, so they are being watched 24-7. Siebert and Burke are already subject to a Nationwide Restraining Order for their Internet threats and Extortion by Documented Emails of threats of Murder.

Kenneth V Gomez Esq a busted phony is finished as his last gasp con, before USDJ D'Agostino has been fully exposed so from hopes of a "Score" it may be "hopes to stay out of jail".